Emulait's Black Friday Cyber Monday Guide

Emulait's Black Friday Cyber Monday Guide

  • By Emily Goldstein

As the world outside transforms into a winter wonderland, we are delighted to announce the arrival of the season's most anticipated shopping extravaganza – Black Friday Cyber Monday. Emulait is set to kickstart the festivities with a lineup of exclusive deals and discounts tailored especially for the cherished moms in our community. Join us as we embark on a journey through the heart of the baby industry, focusing on nursery essentials and the latest innovations in baby skincare. 

In this festive symphony of savings and style, our blog stands as your go-to guide for navigating the exciting array of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Partnering with esteemed companies in the baby industry, we bring you an insider's look into the offers awaiting you – from nursery decor that dreams are made of to cutting-edge baby skincare products that pamper and protect. 

But that's not all – Emulait has a Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal of its own in store! As we guide you through the virtual aisles of savings and smiles, prepare to discover a world where every baby's comfort and well-being are at the forefront. The shopping adventure of the season is about to begin, and we can't wait to share the joy with you. 

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Gift Guide

Emulaitbiomimetic baby bottles and accessories  

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 25% OFF sitewide 11/24 - 11/28 
Emulait is a first-of-its-kind biomimetic baby bottle that replicates the mother’s breast in form, feel, and function. Our vision is to support families in providing their babies with the best possible feeding experience by closing the gap between bottle and breast. 

Mommy's Bliss – health and wellness  
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 25% OFF sitewide 11/24 - 12/1 

Born from the wisdom of one special mom, now trusted by generations of healthy families. Mommy’s Bliss was founded by my mom, Roshan Kaderali, a nurse and certified midwife, who used Gripe Water to ease infant tummy troubles for years while working in Scotland. After 25 years of experience, Mommy's Bliss makes a range of health and wellness products to help make your parenting experience a little bit better. 

Badass Mom Wine – Non-alcoholic wine  
Black Friday: 30% off bundles 11/23 - 11/26 
Cyber Monday: Free mini white when you spend $50 or more 11/27 
As seen in Forbes, Bad Ass Mom Wine is pregnancy safe 0.0% alcoholic wine. European winemakers start with a good quality bulk wine, which uses the latest and best technology to gently remove the alcohol while preserving the delicate flavors aroma, and body characteristics of ordinary wine. 

WeNatal – prenatals for him and her 
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Free 30-day supply of Omega DHA+ ($34.95 value) with purchase of any subscription while supplies last 

WeNatal provides prenatal supplements for women and men with the best-proven formula, backed by science. They provide the cleanest, most potent prenatal for women and men and have created a community for each stage of the parenthood journey. 

Fit4Mom – fitness group 
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 50% OFF sitewide  

FIT4MOM offers pre and postnatal health, wellness, and fitness programs for every stage of motherhood. All of their programs were created by moms for moms to provide strength in motherhood

Leche – freeze-drying breast milk service  
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Everyday Leche + Leche Premier Bundle for $399 (normally $648, $249 savings) 11/24 - 11/27 

Leche is a freeze-drying breast milk service founded by two moms determined to find a way to make every last drop count by making breast milk shelf stable, long-lasting and easy to use for you and your family. They are backed by experts in medicine bringing you in-depth research, top resources, and a growing community to help support you through your breastfeeding journey and beyond. 

Ever Eden – baby and pregnancy-safe skincare 
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Up to 35% off + free candle on orders $59+ 11/13 - 11/27 

Ever Eden is family skincare for all ages and all stages. Transform routines into rituals with safe, scientifically proven formulas for the whole family. Ever Eden formulas are non-toxic, clean, plant-derived, clinically tested, and developed by dermatological experts. 

Bonsie Baby – skin-to-skin baby wear  
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 40% OFF sitewide 90% OFF seasonal stock 11/14 - 11/27 
CODE: BF23  

Bonsie develops onesies that make skin-to-skin time easy and attainable anywhere and anytime your baby needs you close. Bonsie is designed by a mom and therapist to help make this important first step a little easier! 

All the babies co – baby and adult wear  
Black Friday: 25% OFF Sitewide 11/23 - 11/26 
All the babies developed high-quality sweat sets for babies and parents alike, using 100% certified organic cotton, low-impact dyes, and small batch production, all made in the USA. 

DYPER – bamboo diapers  
Black Friday: 40% OFF Charcoal Monthly Boxes and Charcoal 20-Pack Wipes 11/24 
Cyber Monday: 40% OFF everything excluding Diapers Monthly Boxes (Regular Diapers), Charcoal Products and new Frankie’s Finds 11/25 - 11/27  

DYPER is a sustainable, bamboo viscose plant-based diaper with the kindest footprint. Their diapers are not only super soft, absorbent & sensitive to your baby's skin but also clinically tested and safe. The REDYPER™  bundle includes everything you'll need to be able to package and ship a monthly box of your used diapers back to DYPER for composting. 

EmBeba – family skincare  
Black Friday: 50% OFF sitewide 11/24 
Cyber Monday: 40% OFF specially curated kits 11/27 

Embeba is made by families for families, rewriting the reality of modern skincare with cleaner standards, honest ingredients, and magically effective results. All products are cruelty-free and tested by dermatologists and pediatricians. 

Naturepedic – Mattresses and Pillows 
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 20% off and a Free Pillow with Every Kids and Adult Mattress 11/24 - 12/4 

Since 2003, Naturepedic has been on a mission to transform the lives of customers through safer, healthier sleep. By eliminating materials like flame retardants and polyurethane foam from their line of certified organic natural mattresses, Naturepedic supports an organic holistic lifestyle while protecting the environment. 

Navy Wilder – women and baby apparel  
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 40% OFF purchase 11/22 - 11/27 
CODE: NW40  

Navy Wilder is a female-founded online boutique, owned by two mothers who curate the best in fashion for your modern woman and baby. Lil Wilders features all the most sought-after baby wear and accessories all in one place. 

Hatch Gal – maternity wear, beauty, and nursing bras 
Black Friday: 30% OFF Almost Everything Sitewide and Black Friday Only - Get a Free Full Size Belly Oil with spend of $350 - While Supplies Last 11/21 - 11/26 
Cyber Monday: 30% OFF Almost Everything - Hatch Bundles now included 11/27
HATCH creates thoughtfully designed solution-based maternity wear for every stage of pregnancy & beyond. Our pieces are designed to feel effortless and fun, unique and special...reliable when nothing else is. 

Newton – baby mattresses and bassinets  
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 20% off sitewide *Excludes Essential Crib Mattress, Cribs, Dressers, & Figgy products | Cannot be combined with other offers 11/24 - 11/27 

Newton knows that your baby’s safety comes first and they also know how much you want to give them the right start in life. As experts in the area of sleep, they know just how important good sleep is for both of you. This is why they have devoted their time and expertise to creating a crib mattress that is not only safer but also more comfortable.

Willow – breast pumps  
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 25% off Willow Go and Willow 3.0 Pumps 11/20 - 12/2 

Willow pumps are unique because everything works inside the pump, inside your bra—no external tubes, cords, or dangling bottles. All the benefits of a wearable pump without sacrificing performance. Willow® 3.0 and Willow Go™ offer hospital-strength suction comparable to most double-electric and hospital-grade pumps. Their pumps are easy to assemble and clean, and app connected, perfect for on-the-go moms! 

Bumpsuit – maternity wear and baby carriers  
Black Friday: CODE: HappyHolidays 25% OFF sitewide 11/20 - 11/26 
Cyber Monday: CODE: Holiday25 25% OFF sitewide + Gift with purchase 11/27 - 12/3 

Bumpsuit is a maternity brand that is redefining pregnancy style. With buttery soft, double-lined silhouettes that are comfortable throughout pregnancy and beyond, they are the chicest clothing line that is easy to style during all seasons of pregnancy. 

Crane Baby – nursery essentials 

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 60% OFF sitewide 11/23 - 11/27 
Crane Baby creates baby bedding, blankets, and nursery décor that balances modern design and old-world craftsmanship. Their products are both stylish and eco-friendly. 

Ubbi World – diapering, toys, bath, nursery 
Amazon:The chrome, woodgrain and marble diaper pail are in a lightning flash deal for 20% off 
buybuyBABY: All pails carried are receiving 20% off 

In 2011 the Ubbi brand was created to launch the first steel diaper pail that offered the convenience and value of using any standard trash bag, a breakthrough in the diaper disposal market. Ubbi world has created innovative, unique, quality products that are easy to use, helping to simplify parents’ lives while keeping babies as happy and safe as can be. 

Evivo – infant probiotics  
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 15% OFF 

Evivo aims to unlock the full power of the gut microbiome and the full potential of human nutrition to benefit health. Early action using infant probiotics that are backed by research holds the key to making this possible.

The Dairy Fairy – maternity bras  
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 30% off any bra or tank. Excludes Essential Boutique item 11/20 - 11/27
The Dairy Fairy was born with the idea to elevate mama's confidence, style, and post-partum standards. They reinvented the look of traditional maternity bras to create feminine multifunctional nursing and pumping bras for everybody.

Baby Donna – mineral baby sunscreen  
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 50% OFF sitewide 11/24 - 11/25 & 11/27
Baby Donna offers mineral sunscreen safe for every hue. Baby Donna is the first black-owned sunscreen formulated to offer a better blend for darker skin tones. Allowing your little one to stay safe from the sun while embracing their melanin. It has 80-minute water resistance, is a pediatrician and dermatologist-approved, and contains no oxybenzone or avobenzone.

Snuggle Shield – baby wear and infant/nursing cover 
Black Friday: 30% OFF + Free Shipping Over $50 CODE: BF30 
Cyber Monday: 33% OFF + Free Shipping Over $50 CODE: CM33
The Snuggle Shield LUXE Bamboo multi-use antimicrobial air filtering infant cover is the ONLY cover you will ever need. Founded by a perinatal nurse and lactation consultant, Nicole set out to make a lightweight, soft, safe, and breathable product for your baby.

Kizingo – family mealtime solutions 
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 20% OFF  
Kizingo was created by two moms who are nutrition experts. They design and sell toddler spoons, dishes, and bibs that are designed to make mealtime more successful for kids.

Lumama – lactation massagers and hand pumps 
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Lumama Pro Lactation Massager and Elara Hand Pumps for $72 ($89 value) 
CODE: blackfridaybundle
After two bouts of mastitis founder & CEO Jenelle was left without the proper tools and support in her breastfeeding journey. Lumama was designed specifically to help moms overcome multiple lactation obstacles like engorgement, milk supply, mastitis & clogged ducts. At MammaEase we believe moms deserve to feel loved, nurtured, and confident. Our products are here to help to make motherhood easier. 

Looky Lou – rattle phone clip 
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 20% OFF 
The Looky Lou was invented by parents who were sick of scrolling through a few hundred unusable (and uncute) photos. They wanted to make sure precious moments were captured with your baby actually looking at the camera.

Jack N' Jill – children’s oral care 
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 20% OFF  Flavor Free Toothpaste and Baby Gum and Tooth Wipes [Amazon Only] 11/9 - 11/30 
Jack N' Jill stands at the forefront of innovation in oral care, committed to setting new benchmarks. They've meticulously crafted a range of products that have no harmful chemicals and are even safe if swallowed. The toothpaste is lovingly encased in a BPA-free recyclable tube, demonstrating their resolute stance on environmental sustainability. 

Audwell – chairs, stools, and towers 
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 20% OFF 11/20 - 11/28
As seen in Vogue, Audwell creates thoughtfully designed products to empower your independent child. Audwell was founded with a mission to combat the lack of design-forward kid's furniture on the market, whilst also giving back and sourcing sustainable materials. 

Roe Wellness – maternity wear, beauty, and nursing bras 
Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 25% OFF sitewide 11/10 - 11/13 

Female founded by a pediatric nurse practitioner who is a mother of two, Roe creates high-quality, clean, vegan products for children. Roe is an all-encompassing skincare and wellness line for both baby and mom, created with gentle ingredients that you can feel confident about using!