The Science

An innovative science-based feeding system

Emulait is the most advanced innovation in the baby bottle industry, designed to emulate the experience of breastfeeding. More than a bottle, it is a science-based system developed using data, patented technologies, 3D scanning, and FDA-approved medical grade materials.

Emulait truly replicates the mother’s breast in shape, color, elasticity, texture and feel, creating a first of its kind biomimetic bottle.

Cutting edge technology

Emulait bottles are customizable and come in 5 nipple sizes and 5 skin tone colors, for a total of 25 variations. You can easily Find Your Match using the scan technology in our app. The scan utilizes unique 3D algorithms to capture key nipple measurements, contours and colors to tailor the Emulait nipple to your anatomy for a bottle that is yours, truly. For those that can't or don't wish to scan, we offer Self Select and Most Common options. We respect you and your privacy, that's why our scan collects data points, never photographs or images.

The Study

Real data, real mothers

We then conducted a scientific study to analyze over 1000 nipples of pregnant and postpartum women from diverse backgrounds. The study utilized 3D scans to compile data points including size (diameter and height), shape (bulbous, conical, tapered or inverted) and color in order to discern patterns and determine the most common nipple shapes, sizes and colors.

The Design Process

Creativity, technology, empathy

With guidance from our Scientific Advisory Board, we set out to design a biomimetic feeding system which would mimic the experience of breastfeeding. Our mission required us to take a much more creative and unconventional approach to the design and engineering of this product than traditional baby bottles. The experts we consulted emphasized active suckling and the importance of the natural elongation of the human nipple when the baby draws it back onto the palate. Empathy was central to this process - to approach this challenge not as a mechanical fluid transfer solution, but as an intimate human interaction. 

Emulait Texture icon

The texture and feel of a real nipple

The Emulait nipple is flesh-like in both softness and texture, unlike most conventional bottle nipples which are stiff and rigid. Our nipples replicate the texture of stimulated areola glands and have interior fibers to mimic milk ducts, feeling more natural for baby. 

Emulait Elasticity Icon

The elasticity of a real nipple

Emulait nipples stretch and elongate during bottle feeding, promoting oral development benefits that no other baby bottle provides. Elasticity is important for bottle nipples because it allows babies to use the natural suckling action they are born with to engage and strengthen their jaw muscles.

Emulait Appearance Icon

The shape and color of a real nipple

Emulait nipples are tailored to your shape and color, both to minimize the differences between breast and bottle, and to reflect and celebrate you - truly. In this way, Emulait honors the diversity of mothers and families, and evokes the very personal bond of mother and baby. 

Emulait Air Flow Icon

The reduction of air intake

Commonly referred to as ‘anti-colic,’ the Emulait nipple regulates pressure and reduces air swallowing (aerophagia) to minimize gas, stomach discomfort, and fussiness. The bottle vents are built into the nipple thread and are designed to minimize how much air enters the bottle as milk is consumed. 

Emulait Flow icon

The milk flow rate of a real nipple

Only Emulait nipples have multiple holes to replicate how a mother’s nipple releases milk. Our patented Physiological Flow Rate Control Valve gives babies the same natural control they have at the breast, ensuring babies use the same effort to extract milk from the bottle. 

Emulait Breast icon

A bottle designed like a real breast

The breast-shaped design of the Emulait baby bottle supports a natural baby-to-breast position during feedings, enables better eye contact, and facilitates responsive feeding. 

We’re closing the gap between breast and bottle, for you and yours.