Welcome to the Emulait App!

Parenting is a whirlwind, especially in those early days. Emulait's new app feature is designed to simplify your daily routine, offering valuable assistance, information, and connectivity. Here is a breakdown to help you make the most of it!

Getting Started

Upon opening the app, you'll be prompted to create profiles for your little one(s). This involves entering basic information such as their name, date of birth, and any relevant details.

Next, you can invite caregivers to join your network by adding their contact information. This allows them to view and contribute to the shared activity log. Maintain visibility with our notifications, so you can always stay connected when someone else looks after your child.

Choosing Modes

Emulait offers two modes: Comprehensive and Essentials 

Comprehensive Mode

Dive into detailed tracking for tailored insights. Here, you can record additional notes and specifics about each activity, which is helpful for addressing specific concerns or preferences.

Essentials Mode

This mode is ideal for quick logging and building confidence. Simply tap to log activities such as feeding, sleep, and diaper changes. It's designed to be intuitive and straightforward.

Activity Tracking

Activity Feeding Icon


Log your baby's feeding sessions, whether it's breast, bottle, or both. Essentials Mode offers a simple interface for recording feed times, while Comprehensive Mode allows for more detailed notes such as starting breast and minutes spent feeding.

Activity Sleeping Icon


Keep track of your baby's sleep patterns to understand their habits and support healthy sleep routines. Log sleep durations and times, with Comprehensive Mode offering additional features for those undergoing sleep training.

Activity Diaper Icon

Diaper changes

Monitor your baby's diaper output to gauge feeding and hydration. Essentials Mode allows for simple tracking of diapers, while Comprehensive Mode records more detailed information.

Voice Command Feature

Meet Emma, the app's voice-activated assistant. Simply use a couple of easy phrases, and Emma will help you track activities hands-free. This feature is especially useful when your hands are full caring for your little one.

Activity Screen

Provides a 24-hour summary of feeds, sleeps, and diapers. Easily check how your day is going at a glance and keep up with your goals.

Tracking Tab

Offers a trend summary to understand your typical day's activities. View frequency, timing, and duration of activities, with volume details for feeding.

At Emulait, our goal is to support you in feeling confident and connected on your parenting journey. Whether you prefer simple logging or detailed tracking, our app is designed to meet your needs and make parenting a little easier.

By following these steps, you can effectively utilize the Emulait app to streamline your parenting tasks and stay organized in caring for your little ones.