Emulait Dishwasher Basket


Uniquely shaped to hold Emulait nipples, our Dishwasher Basket provides a convenient way to clean your Emulait products.

In the box

Dishwasher Basket x 1

The Emulait Dishwasher basket provides a quick and easy way to clean your Emulait baby products. The basket’s uniquely shaped design protects your products in the dishwasher while allowing for a thorough clean.

Product details:

  • Uniquely shaped to hold Emulait Nipples
  • Holds the Emulait Nipples, Pacifier, Flow Controls, and Breast Pump Adapters
  • Designed for product protection
  • Supports convenient and easy cleaning
  • Latch for secure closure
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe

Which bottle parts and accessories does the Dishwasher Basket hold?

The Dishwasher Basket can hold Emulait nipples (6), pacifiers, flow control valves and breast pump adapters.

How should I clean my Emulait products?

Fully disassemble all parts. Wash all parts in warm water and dish soap. Rinse and dry thoroughly, ensuring all cavities are clean. We recommend sanitizing all parts in the dishwasher with the Emulait dishwasher basket (top rack only). Parts can be sterilized in an electric or microwave sterilizer. Use sterilizing solutions or sterilizers strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If sterilizing on the stovetop, do not immerse in boiling water for longer than two minutes. Steam can cause severe skin burns, use caution when boiling on the stove or using any sterilizing equipment. Avoid unnecessary handling of sterilized items and equipment.

How often do you need to replace adapters?

We recommend replacing the breast pump adapter at first signs of wear or damage. Please inspect your equipment regularly.

Use & Care

Dishwasher Basket User Manual

Do not microwave or steam-sanitize.

Do not use with items that are not dishwasher safe.