Mother feeding baby with Emulait bottle Mother feeding baby with Emulait bottle

A baby bottle shaped like a breast

Create a personal bond between you and your baby, with the Emulait nipple shapes designed to emulate the experience of breastfeeding.

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Emulates the familiar stretch and feel of a natural nipple

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'Anti-colic' design to minimize gas, stomach discomfort and fussiness

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Replicates the milk flow release rate of a mother's nipple

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Customizable to reflect the shape and color that reflects you

Families Love Us

As a mother of 8, I can affirm that these are the best pacifiers I've ever seen. No issues integrating them right from birth (even for my premature daughter).

Ém Champoux

Little man has a tongue tie which may be preventing him from getting a good latch even though I’m producing plenty. So today my husband introduced his first bottle (the breast shaped Emulait bottle) and little man took the bottle no problem and still returned to breast for his next feeding. Thank you so much for creating this bottle

Leah Hebert

My baby is 13mo and has never been able to figure out any bottle. I’ve tried 6 different ones, multiple times, before I gave up. HE CAN DRINK THIS ONE!!! Literally genius idea, thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️


Five nipple shapes – in five different colors

Emulait is a first-of-its-kind biomimetic baby bottle which replicates the mother’s breast in form, feel and function.

Our vision is to support families in providing their babies with the best possible feeding experience, closing the gap between bottle and breast and supporting prolonged breastfeeding.

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We support all babies and their families

We celebrate diversity and believe everyone should feel seen and represented on their unique feeding journey.

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