The Emulait Pacifier 2-Pack

$14.00 USD

Designed to emulate the familiar softness and texture of a nipple, the Emulait Pacifier is the perfect accessory to soothe baby.

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0-6 months
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The Emulait Pacifier is designed to emulate the familiar softness and texture of a nipple. It has a universal shape and is made from a slightly thicker silicone than our bottles, so that baby can distinguish when it’s time to feed and when it’s time to soothe. Ergonomic and thoughtfully designed, our pacifiers reflect our commitment to your baby’s oral health and safety – and your peace of mind! The pacifier is lightweight and shaped to reduce skin contact, easy to clean, and comes in one single part.

Product details:
  • Simulates the texture of a real nipple
  • Supports natural suckling
  • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • 3 venting holes
  • Lightweight
  • BPA-Free, FDA-approved medical-grade silicone
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe

Why is your pacifier not like the bottle?

Our pacifier has been designed to emulate the familiar softness and texture of a nipple, but with a universal shape and a slightly thicker silicone to limit the stretchability so babies can differentiate between time to soothe vs. time to feed.

What's the difference between the two pacifiers?

We offer two pacifier sizes - for 0-6 month olds and 6-18 month olds.

Use & Care

Pacifier 2-Pack User Manual

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Wash the pacifiers regularly with warm water and dish soap. We recommend cleaning and sanitizing your Emulait bottle parts in the dishwasher. The Emulait Dishwasher Basket provides a convenient way to store and wash your bottle parts securely.

General Safety

Inspect carefully before every use. Dispose of pacifiers at the first signs of damage or weakness. To avoid risk of strangulation, never attach any ribbons or cords to the pacifiers or tie around child’s neck. Do not use pacifiers as a teether.