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Tailored to the color of your breast

Emulait nipples are tailored to your color in order to reflect and celebrate you - truly. In this way, Emulait honors the diversity of mothers and families, and evokes the very personal bond of mother and baby.

The texture and shape of a real nipple

Emulait nipples are designed to minimize the differences between breast and bottle. Most importantly, the nipples have been engineered to stretch and elongate like a natural nipple. This elasticity offers oral development benefits that no other baby bottle provides.

Select your nipple shape

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shapeShape 4 is most common

Emulait nipple shapes were derived from a study Emulait conducted of pregnant and postpartum women, split amongst a diverse and representative population.

Your Emulait bottle, tailored to your anatomy

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The Emulait App utilizes unique 3D algorithms to capture key nipple measurements, contours and colors to tailor the Emulait nipple to your anatomy for a bottle that is Yours, Truly.

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